"My Friends Hate Their Cell Phones... I love my Jitterbug!"

The Jitterbug® Flip and Jitterbug® Smart2 cell phones make staying in touch a pleasure again. They’re both easy to see and hear, super-simple to use...and surprisingly affordable.

Simple cell phones for seniors, those that grew up when phones were connected by wires.

The Jitterbug Flip and Jitterbug Smart2 cell phones are designed to be a simple cell phones for seniors, not some sort of alien technology that you need to decipher in order to use them. When you’re ready to dial the Jitterbug Flip, you simply flip open the cover and use the large, easy-to-see keys. For the Jitterbug Smart2, you’ll just choose "Phone" from the intuitive menu and use the large touchscreen to dial the appropriate number. In addition, both phones have voice dialing capabilities that will connect you with the right person. It’s a breeze!

Even the advanced features are easy to use if you choose to take advantage of them. Even if you’ve never owned a cell phone before, the menus of both phones are incredibly easy to use. And, if you need help, friendly U.S.-based operators can be reached simply by dialing "0" anytime...day or night.

Finally, you’ll love the additional features of the Jitterbug Smart2 and Jitterbug Flip. Both phones feature built-in cameras to snap and share pictures and videos with your loved ones. The Jitterbug Flip also includes a new flashlight with integrated magnifier to see in dimly-lit areas. These phones are truly designed to put the features that you need most at your fingertips when you need them.

Your new Jitterbug mobile phone makes phone calls easier... even when you are on the go.

What good is a cell phone if you cannot see or hear it well enough to use it? You won’t have to worry about that with the Jitterbug cell phone. Both phones, the Jitterbug Smart2 and Jitterbug Flip, feature bright, high-contrast color screens that are big and incredibly easy to see. Day or night, you’ll have no trouble reading either phone’s backlit display or navigating their super simple menus. The Jitterbug Flip’s flip-open cover even prevents accidental calls (i.e. "butt dialing"). Jitterbug phones also help you hear whomever you’re trying to connect with. They feature an amplified speaker, which makes calls louder, and a built-in speakerphone for hands-free listening and talking. They even hold the highest available rating for compatibility with hearing aids (M4/T4).

Affordable cell phone plans for everyone.

You may have heard the horror stories of cell phone bills totaling hundreds of dollars in a month’s time. With Jitterbug, great care has been taken to make sure that this is not only a simple cell phone...but an incredibly affordable one. Talk Plans start as low as $14.99 per month (plus applicable taxes). The Jitterbug Smart2 requires a monthly data plan for as low as $2.49 per month. Talk Plans are perfect for emergency use and occasional calling and still include a bundle of services at no extra charge. Need more minutes? We have great deals on plans for frequent talkers, too.

Best of all, all Jitterbug cell phone plans do not have a contract. You can cancel anytime, and there are no early termination fees. Finally, the 30-day satisfaction guarantee gives you plenty of time to see what an amazingly simple cell phone you’ve purchased. If you are dissatisfied with your new phone, return it during those 30 days for a full refund.**

Why people are choosing Jitterbug

  • Easy to see and hear
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable plans
  • No long-term contracts
  • Free Car Charger

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